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Dear friend and fellow musician,

First, to answer the obvious question - "Why should I buy a Granger amp?" It comes down to one simple word - value. When you buy a Granger amp you're not only getting a custom, handwired, great sounding amplifier, you get world class service and support. You're also getting a great bang for your buck, all things considered. First, your amp will be built the way you want it. Second, our prices are some of the best in the boutique amp business. Third, we have one of the best warranties available today. We stand behind our products. Granger amps are built to last a lifetime.

A little bit about me: I've been into music, electronics, and sound engineering since I can remember. I've played guitar in many bands (and still do), have recorded and produced several CDs, played over 1500 shows, and throughout the years I've been fortunate to have worked with a lot of brilliant people and learned a great deal about sound reproduction, both live and in the studio. I also have a college degree in electronics, and I worked for AT&T as an electronic technician for 15 years. Above all else though, I still have a pretty good set of ears! (Protect your hearing kids!)

After building, repairing and modding amps for both my friends and myself for several years, I finally decided to get things "off the ground" properly and I founded Granger Amplification in 2007 with a basic principle - to provide the best service and products I can, and to earn each customer's trust and respect.

About my amps: My handcrafted, custom built amps are more about tone and feel than bells and whistles. They deliver that vintage era tonal magic that so many players love and treasure, and they are built to last a lifetime. They are also very reasonably priced compared to the average "boutique" handwired amplifier. They are built by me, in my shop, not by some worker on an assembly line.

My line of amps are inspired by everyone's favorites (and mine!). I have made incremental changes to make them more enjoyable and reliable, and I can customize each one to the buyer's preferences - one thing that a lot of amp companies do not or will not do.

Many of today's mass-produced amps (that rely on fragile, one-sided PC boards, cheap, underrated components, tiny surface mount parts and assembly line construction methods) lack that pure and harmonically rich tone that vintage and handwired amps create. The use of multi-pin wire connectors and ribbon cables can contribute to the degradation of touch sensitivity and even lead to malfunction and intermittent operation. I believe those belong in computers, not in a guitar amplifier! Those amps also aren't very forgiving of constant touring or gigging, i.e. road abuse. Many experienced players demand the "less is more" approach because it allows their guitars to speak to them through their amps. They also want an amp that will withstand the rigors of touring. My amps will warm your soul because I strive to maintain a direct signal path using the best sounding and most reliable components, which results in better tone regardless of what guitar you play. And when your amp is singing and music comes out of your fingers that you didn't even know was there, you've found the magic.

Thanks for visiting. I hope I can help you find your magic tone!


Curt Granger

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