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When Shipping To Granger Amplification

Granger amplifiers being returned for service must be pre-authorized by Granger Amplification LLC. An RA (return authorization) number must be provided by us, and must appear on the exterior of the package or we reserve the right to refuse the package upon receipt. A copy of the bill of sale/invoice must be provided for warranty service. COD's of any kind will not be accepted. Please contact us to obtain an RA number. Any customs/VAT/carrier charges imposed and billed to us on international shipments will require immediate payment from the shipper before any work will begin.

When shipping your amp or other items to us for repair, please use these shipping guidelines: Note: An RA number is not required if you have prearranged via email or phone a shipment of any other brand of amplifier other than Granger.

  • Label your item(s) with your name, address, phone number, and email address. A piece of paper affixed with masking or scotch tape works fine.
  • Make sure there is at least 3 to 5 inches of tightly packed foam or bubble wrap around all sides. Some carriers will pack using Styrofoam (packing) peanuts. Although we will accept packages containing them, you will be billed at our normal hourly rate of $70 while we unpack, separate the packing material, and clean up. In other words, the clock starts when we cut open the box. The quicker we unpack, the less it will cost you. Packing times are not included in our estimates.
  • Place the item(s) in a sturdy cardboard box. Double the box for heavier items. Make sure the item(s) will not shift when the box is jostled. Most shipping damage occurs when the item(s) is not secured inside the packaging and can shift during transit. Upon completion of our work, we will pack the item(s) as we received them. If you have doubts or concerns about your packaging, contact your chosen carrier - they can advise you of the minimum packaging required to ensure your item is covered in case of shipping damage.
  • If shipping vacuum tubes outside of the amplifier, wrap each tube in an adequate amount of bubble wrap and place inside a separate box, or boxes, then wrap box in bubble wrap, and place in a secure location - either inside the back of amp, or on top of the chassis. We are not responsible for broken tubes!
  • Include your name, complete address, phone number with area code, email address, amount to insure the return shipment, model number of your item(s) and the problem, or requested work to be done, on a separate sheet of paper inside your package. Schematics and/or service manuals are also very helpful, and will reduce labor charges that may include searching for, and printing those resources.

Ship To:

Granger Amplification
132 Pinecrest Rd
Hueytown, Alabama 35023-1321

Please email us the tracking number via our contact page. When we receive your package, we will evaluate your item(s) and contact you as soon as possible.

Customers are responsible for all return shipping charges, including added costs to properly insure items for return shipment, and assume all risk of loss/damage - please insure your shipment properly. Damage to items being shipped to us are the responsibility of the shipper. We will assist you in a claim by taking digital photographs, but will assume no liability for damaged items, nor will we act as a liaison to your carrier.

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Granger Amplification LLC reserves the right to update our policies and this document as needed, without notice.

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