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The Ultimate FX Loop is our zero-loss, true-bypass effects loop. It is optimized for insertion between the preamp and driver stages. Our low noise, non-clipping, analog effects loop utilizes a discrete, high voltage buffer and a return gain stage. It also features internal trim (level) pots that can be accessed directly through the jacks (no removing chassis), so both the send and return levels can be adjusted for nearly any loop requirement. In factory configuration the send stage has 10dB of cut and the return stage has 16dB of gain, for a net gain of 6dB. Low cost stomp boxes work just as well as thousand dollar rackmount effect units. The Send is configured as non-interrupt, so it can be used as a Preamp/Slave Line Out.

This is the most versatile effects loop on the market!

As an alternative we also offer a lower-cost, passive effects loop as an add-on for several of our amps. This loop is a simple non-buffered, Send & Return jack configuration, intended to be used with line level equipment, and is useful when the user already has an effects unit that is multi-featured with variable/switchable send, return, and mix levels. Note: Many pedals that operate at instrument level will need a signal buffer when used in a passive effects loop, such as an EQ pedal, a Dumblator, or a clean boost pedal. These devices should be placed after the effects on the Return side of the loop.
Our Ultimate FX Loop and passive effects loop are available as an add-on where noted on each product page.


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