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Granger V20 Nitro valve amplifier

The Granger V20 Nitro valve amplifier is a 20 watt, high gain powerhouse, ready to rock any studio or club. The controls feature Presence, Master Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Normal Channel Volume (Gain), and Lead Channel Volume (Gain). A 2-button footswitch controls a mid/solo boost as well as channel selection. The preamp consists of 3 ECC83S valves. The power section runs on two 6V6S in push-pull (Class AB). A solid state (diode) rectifier and ample power supply filtering produces tight, punchy low end. For the service-minded player, an external bias adjustment with low voltage test points allows the user to bias the amp when replacing valves without removing the chassis (standard feature, only requires removal of the back panel). The 1x12 combo features a Warehouse Guitar Speakers 12" Reaper speaker. Other speaker options are available upon request.

Granger V20 Nitro valve amplifier. Click for enlarged view.

Granger V20 Nitro sound clips

Granger V20 YouTube video

Granger V20 features:

* Handcrafted in USA
* US-made ClassicTone transformers
* Turret board wiring
* Output (RMS): 20 watts
* Preamp valves: 3 x ECC83S
* Power amp valves: 2 x 6V6S
* Solid state rectification
* Presence control
* Bass, Middle, Treble controls
* Normal Channel Volume
* Lead Channel Volume
* Master Volume
* Solo/Mid Boost
* 2 Button Footswitch
* 4/8/16 ohm impedance selector switch
* Carling switches
* Cliff input jacks
* Cliff output jacks
* Pointer control knobs
* Chassis external Bias test and adjust
* Dimensions: 20"W x 9"H x 8"D (head)
* Dimensions: 24"W x 20"H x 9"D (1x12 combo)
* Weight: 30 lbs. (head)
* Weight: 46 lbs. (combo)

* Ultimate FX Loop ($100)
* Passive Effects Loop ($25)
* Custom Cover ($50)
* Tolex/Piping Change ($25)

Click to see Tolex and Grill cloth colors

Please specify options during ordering, or contact us within 10 days after placing order. Want a feature that's not listed? Email us for a quote!

Please see our current turnaround times before ordering! Each amp is custom built to order.


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BASE PRICE: $1499 US (1x12 COMBO)

I have read the Purchaser & User agreement.

Prices subject to change without notice. Orders already in progress are not subject to price changes. Granger Amplification reserves the right to make any product design changes without notice or obligation to incorporate these changes in products previously purchased.

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