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As most guitarists know, vacuum tube amps can be loud - very loud! In a never-ending quest to achieve the "ultimate tone" we often push the limits of both our amps and sometimes even our hearing. Over the years much research, development, and plain old trial & error has taken place in an effort to reduce the volume coming out of the speakers while maintaining the sound of a "dimed" amp - from adding master volumes, using Variacs, attenuators... the list goes on and on. All have their limitations and affect on tone.

In more recent years, new technologies for controlling an amp's volume have emerged. Voltage regulation in a tube amp involves reducing the internal operating voltages in one or more stages, thus reducing the overall output, while keeping the same "dimed" tone that occurs when overdriving both the preamp and power output tubes. This technology allows the user to reduce the voltages in an amplifier, either in one, or all of the amplifier stages.

VariWattage™ is our solution to varying the output wattage of our amps. It uses voltage manipulation (think Variac, but doesn't affect the tube heater voltage) to control output volume and power tube overdrives without cutting high-end frequencies like an attenuator does. Most Granger amps (up to 100 watts) are now available with VariWattage™ whether the amp model is cathode-biased or fixed bias. Our VariWattage operates via one control knob that allows the user to dial in the operating voltage, from full, 100% to a greatly reduced level. With this feature, the same amp can be used anywhere - from the smallest recording studio, practice environment, or coffee shop gig, to the biggest stage the amp can cover at full volume!

VariWattage™ is available as an add-on where noted on each product page, as well as our new VariWattage kit.


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