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Welcome to Granger Amplification! We build high performance, custom handcrafted vacuum tube guitar amplifiers.

Timeless, Classic, Built by hand, Built to Last

Granger amplifiers use the most reliable components and time-tested designs to build amplifiers that inspire guitarists across the globe. Our hand-wired tube amplifiers are stylish, roadworthy, and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Granger amps are made in the USA. Call us at (205) 774-0350 for all your amplifier needs.

Granger M50 Plexi Guitar Tube Amplifier

Granger M50 Plexi

The Granger M50 Plexi vacuum tube amplifier is our flagship model. The M50 Plexi is a hand-wired reproduction of the legendary late 60’s/early 70’s 50 watt amp that became a rock legend, but more!

Granger H50 Guitar Tube Amplifier

Granger H50

The Granger H50 “Legacy” vacuum tube amplifier is a tribute to, and inspired by the late 60’s Dave Reeves (of Hiwatt fame) amps made famous by bands like The Who, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin.

Granger M100 SuperPlexi Guitar Tube Amplifier

Granger M100 SuperPlexi

The Granger M100 SuperPlexi vacuum tube amplifier is a hand-wired custom reproduction of the legendary 100 watt amp that defined arena rock. Ready for bone-crushing rock riffs.

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Repair Services

We offer repair, modification, and servicing for tube amplifiers and guitars. See our services page for more detail. Contact us to find out what we can build, repair, or modify for you.

Granger Amplification Products

We offer amplifier parts, modification kits, tools, and accessories for amp builders, modders, and techs. Visit our Shop to browse all our products.

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