Custom 50W Plexi chassis, for standup PT

Our second custom 50W Plexi chassis, made exclusively for Granger Amplification. This chassis is identical to our first Custom 50W Plexi chassis, except it has no cutout for laydown type transformers, which allows the builder to use whatever standup type power transformer they desire. Simply position your PT, mark, then drill mounting and wire pass-through holes wherever you want them.

Laser Punched Steel, Thickness 1.5 mm. Corners are welded. Has (3) 3/4″ noval tube punchouts, (2) 1-1/8″ octal punchouts, (2) 1-1/4″ cap can punchouts, .25″ holes for bias test points, as well as extra mounting holes for 2 different chokes. Front and rear punchouts are standard sized to fit most Plexi type faceplates. The rear panel has punchouts for impedance AND voltage selector switches.

An even more versatile chassis!

Includes black plastic bushings for transformer wire pass-thru holes and (4) cage nuts with mounting bolts.

NOTE: This is a custom chassis and production runs may vary shipment time. Please allow 15-20 business days for production and shipment.

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