Inrush Current Limiter NTC Thermistor

Add extra protection for your amp by installing inrush current limiting. Many of today’s amplifiers, such as the Egnater series, use a thermistor to limit start-up current to protect the transformer windings and other components. Start up (cold) resistance is 120 ohms. Low-cost insurance for your amp. Installs in the AC mains (primary) side of power transformer.

Great upgrade/repair part for Egnater Tweaker and Renegade amp models.

RoHS: RoHS Compliant
Voltage – Max: 230 V
Imax at 65 C: 3.5 A
Power Rating: 5.1 W
Resistance (Cold): 10 Ohms
Tolerance: 20% 
Operating Temperature Range: – 55 C to + 170 C 
Brand: EPCOS / TDK 
Diameter: 21 mm 
Lead Diameter: 1 mm 
Lead Spacing: 7.5 mm
Width: 7mm

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