LED Board Kit

Our LED Board Kit is a great way to add lighting to your amp or other electronic devices! A very easy kit for the beginner-to-intermediate modder/DIYer. Simply supply 4-18V AC or DC to the board and light up to 6 LEDs. The board has 4 mounting holes and at 1" x 1.5" is easy to fit into even the most cramped chassis. Draws very little current.

Choose from 5 different colors of LEDs - Blue, Red, White, Green, or Orange (sorry, no mixing). You can also substitute your own. Includes a 470 ohm, 1 watt current limiting resistor.


(1) PC Board
(6) LEDs
(1) 470R1W Resistor
(2) Plastic mounting standoff

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: BEGINNER [Follow safety guidelines for working with electricity. Basic soldering skills and knowledge of AC/DC circuits. Identify anode and cathode, or positive and negative terminals of electronic components. Read resistor color codes. Measure and connect low voltage DC, positive and negative. Work with basic hand tools.]

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