M100 SuperPlexi amplifier

The Granger M100 SuperPlexi amplifier is a hand-wired custom reproduction of the legendary 100 watt amp that defined arena rock. Townshend, Hendrix, Van Halen – all names synonymous with huge crushing rock anthems and their larger-than-life sounds. This 100 watt amplifier carries on that tradition, and a little more. It is built like a tank, based on tried and true circuitry, but features key component value selections that bring out the sweetest Plexi tone possible. Clean tones are easily achieved at any setting by rolling off the guitar volume. As with some of the vintage amps of the 60s and 70s, each channel has two inputs, one high and one low impedance, and a volume control. A (post phase inverter) master volume (Ken Fisher Type 2/Lar-Mar PPIV type) can be added to achieve overdriven tones at lower volumes (recommended). Each channel shares the standard Bass, Middle and Treble tone stack and Presence control. The inputs can be jumpered to utilize both channels with channel 1 being the lead and channel 2 being the normal voicing. The preamp consists of 3 ECC83S valves and power is rectified by fast recovery UF4007 diodes. The power supply filtering is based on the legendary 67-69 era British amps, and this arrangement produces a great combination of punch and touch response. The power section runs on four JJ EL34 which produce well over 100 watts when fully overdriven into saturation. For the service-minded player, an external bias adjustment with low voltage test points (1 per output tube and 1 common ground) allows the user to bias the amp when replacing power tubes without removing the chassis. Custom options include our switchable X-Gain mod, Ultimate FX loop, passive effects loop, turret circuit board, tolex & piping changes, and a custom cover with the Granger logo.

Granger M100 SuperPlexi features:

  • Handcrafted/handwired in USA
  • Hammond transformers
  • Printed circuit board wiring (two-sided, through-hole plating)
  • Output (RMS): 100 watts
  • Preamp valves: 3 x ECC83S
  • Power amp valves: 4 x EL34
  • Diode rectification
  • Presence control
  • Bass, Middle, Treble controls
  • Volume 1 (Bright channel)
  • Volume 2 (Normal channel)
  • Post-PI Master Volume
  • 4/8/16 ohm impedance selector switch
  • Cliff input jacks
  • Cliff output jacks
  • “Plexi” style control knobs
  • External bias adjust and test points
  • Dimensions: 29.5″W x 10″H x 8.5″D
  • Weight: 47 lbs.

Audio Clips

Clip 1 – Les Paul

Clip 2 – Les Paul

Clip 3 – Les Paul

Clip 4 – Les Paul

Clip 5 – Les Paul

Clip 7

Clip 8

Pricing and Options


Output Tubes *

Covering *

Black Levant (default) $0.00 Red Levant +$25.00 Orange Levant +$25.00 Purple Levant +$25.00 Plum Levant +$25.00 Dark Green Levant +$25.00 Teal Levant +$25.00 White Levant +$25.00 Ivory Levant +$25.00 Tan Levant +$25.00 Cream/Cocoa Levant +$25.00 Black Elephant +$25.00 Purple Elephant +$25.00 Red Elephant +$25.00 White Elephant +$25.00 Maroon Snakeskin +$25.00 Silver Snakeskin +$25.00 Black Snake +$25.00 Wine Taurus +$25.00 Vanilla Taurus +$25.00 Black Western +$25.00 Brown Western +$25.00 Brown Ostrich +$25.00 Brown Gator +$25.00 Hiwatt White +$25.00 Hiwatt Red +$25.00 Hiwatt Orange +$25.00 Hiwatt Black +$25.00

Piping *

Additional Controls *

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