Marshall JCM 800 & JMP Style 100W Output Transformer 4/8/16 Ohm

Great vintage era type constructed, paper layer wound output transformer! Incredible output transformer for JCM 800 and JMP type amplifiers. Due to the great tonal qualities of paper layer wound transformers, these can be considered upgrades to the many nylon bobbin wound versions currently available on the market. These are upright mounted transformers. These may be used as a general replacement / upgrade output transformer for original amps. They can also be used to modify existing Marshall style amps including the Chinese-made Bugera 1960 as well as others. You can swap out the cheaper nylon bobbin wound, Chinese transformer for our paper layer wound upgrade output transformer for a truly great tonal upgrade! Chassis mounting hole modification may be required for some original and upgrade applications.

Made by Magnetic Components Inc. in Chicago USA.

Note: Mounting Support Bracket 40-18036 recommended but not required.

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