Multi-Section Capacitor Board

Multi-sectional capacitors used to service and repair vintage equipment can be very costly, hard to find, and in many cases – will not have the necessary capacitance and voltage values. With our MSCP-1 PCB, that also functions as a mounting plate, you can make your own multi sectional capacitor using readily available radial capacitors, and customize the capacitance and voltage ratings that you need.


* Can accommodate up to 4 capacitors with diameters up to 14 mm (15 mm can be used, but may overlap wire terminals)
* Two lead spacing options on C1-C4: 5 mm and 7.5 mm for capacitors with different footprints
* Three lead spacing on C4 (3 mm) to facilitate use of smaller diameter capacitors.
* Direct ground connection to chassis option (shorting J1 will make direct connection via one of the mounting screws if desired)
* Common ground connection in center
* Mounting holes accept #6-32 or #8-32 screws (or metric equivalent)
* Large connection points for multiple wire leads, and separate connection points dropping resistors between all 4 capacitors
* Robust PCB (1.6mm)
* Red PCB solder mask with white silkscreen on both sides

Pricing and Options


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