Octal Socket PCB Kit, with Hardware

Our Octal Socket PCB Kit was created to fit design requirements for a prototype bass amp based on the Vox AC100 chassis layout, which allowed us to use a 16x8x2 chassis and still maintain height clearance for four EL34 in a Vox reproduction head cabinet that measures just 9 inches in height. This allowed the octal tube sockets to be recessed into the chassis.

Whether you are building a guitar or bass amp, or a HiFi power amplifier, our Octal Socket PCB Kit could be the answer you’re looking for. We designed it to be extremely versatile for any power tube configuration. The PCB is 2 x 2 inches square, and has resistor designations for Cathode, G1, G2, G3, and Anode, and connection pads for filaments and all remaining tube pins. Each pin also has an extra pad for additional wire connections (e.g. running screen grid wire leads from one to the next socket). Components can be mounted to either or both sides of the board.

We include either (4) 0.5 in, 0.75 in, 1 in, or 1.5 inch aluminum standoffs (choose below), (8) 0.25in O-rings, 4-40 steel mounting screws (and 4-40 nuts with standoffs that have screws on one end), the PCB, and an octal PCB-mount, ceramic tube socket. Works with 6L6/5881, EL34/6CA7, 6500, KT66, KT77, and KT88 octal tubes.

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