USED SBVA-300 Bass amplifier No. 1

USED Granger SBVA-300 No. 1, custom built/handwired in August 2009.
This is an opportunity to own some early Granger amplifier history.
This amp was custom built for a local Birmingham musician, and used for approximately 20 gigs. It is used, and burned-in through real-world performances.
I have performed the necessary maintenance to ensure it is working correctly to original specification, however I have not replaced any of the components or tubes, except for the V1 tube, which was dead. The amp is biased for each power tube to draw 40mA at idle, with a plate voltage of 574VDC, with mains measuring 118VAC, 2.78A, drawing 280 watts.
For guitarists, this would also make a great platform for modding into a 200-300 watt guitar amp, or using with a separate preamp and reamping.
As this is a USED item, no returns are allowed.
The amp is heavy (64 lbs) , so the actual shipping charge will be determined after the order is placed and adjusted as needed. If you are interested in local pickup (Hueytown), please contact me through the website.

Internal chassis and external cabinet photos are available by request. The tolex has a few very minor dings but otherwise in very good condition. The clear acrylic front baffle does not have any cracks.

Video (YouTube) and audio (Flash required) demos at
* Handcrafted/handwired in USA
* Weber transformers
* Output (RMS): 300 watts @ 2 ohms
* Preamp valves: ECC81S/12AT7, ECC83S/12AX7
* Interstage driver: EL34
* Power amp valves: (3) KT88, (3) 6550
* UF5408 diode rectification
* Mains power switch
* Standby switch
* High and Low impedance inputs
* Presence control
* Bass, Midrange, Treble controls
* 6-position Mid-shift (frequency) switch
* Volume (Gain) control
* Master Volume control
* Dedicated speaker output jacks (2) 2, (2) 4, (1) 8 ohm
* XLR Direct out with level adjust control
* Tube buffered effects loop
* Selectable Bias/Plate voltage LCD display and (6) bias adjustment pots on rear panel
* Clear Plexiglas front baffle illuminated with blue CCFT
* IEC power cable
* Dimensions: 23″W x 9″H x 9″D
* Weight: 64 lbs.

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