In addition to our line of handcrafted amplifiers, we offer other services to the discerning player. We’ve listed them below. Contact us if you have something in mind not listed on this page.

Amp Repair/Rebuild/Restoration

We service and repair most brands of vacuum tube amps. We offer filter cap replacement, bias adjustments for new tubes, replace blown components, cleaning and restorations, and resurrections on amps that have ceased to function. We’ve brought old amps back from the dead and have rebuilt amps from the chassis up. We can restore previously modded vintage amps back to their vintage specs, and repair ripped up Tolex on cabinets and anything else to make your vintage amp “sing & shine” again.

We also offer repair service for most audio equipment, including pedals, effects units, solid state amplifiers, speaker replacement, and pro audio gear used for recording or live sound. Please note, we do not repair car audio equipment. Contact us if you have questions or need a quote.

Granger Amplification is a member of the Pro Audio Service Technician and Engineers Support Group.


We can modify existing amps to improve/change their tone and/or add more gain (or clean headroom if desired). We can add effects loops, channel switching, voltage scaling/VariWattage, and other functions. If you have an amp you would like to mod, we can probably do it. Please consider before asking to mod a vintage amp (unless its completely reversible). We discourage this due to liability issues and the way it affects resell value. If you really need a “hot-rodded amp” please consider leaving your vintage amp intact, and having the exact amp you want custom built by us (or by one of our many competitors). The collectors will thank you.

3 Examples of Granger-modded Amps

Custom Amp Building

We can build almost any type tube amp, so if you have a dream amp in mind, we can build it for you. We’ve crafted replicas of just about every vintage amp produced. Have a certain amp in mind, but it doesn’t have all the features you want, or isn’t available in a certain color? We can custom build your amp the way you want it. Contact us if you have questions or need a quote.

Guitar Setup, Modification, & Repair

We offer setup, modification, and repair service locally. Whether you need a guitar setup, want new pickups installed, or a guitar repaired, we are here to assist you. Contact us if you have questions or need a quote.

Pricing, Service, and Shipping terms
(Effective May 24, 2021)

Service/mod/repair work is $40 per half hour. We charge a minimum $40 bench fee (.5 hour) that is applied towards your invoice. Most service and repair work time averages less than 2 hours. Expedited/rush service is available at a rate of $100 per hour. Estimates given via phone, email, etc. are based on average times of similar service, but is no guarantee that the final charges will not be different. If you have a set budget that cannot be exceeded, it is imperative that you advise us before work begins. Labor and new parts (supplied by us) are warrantied for 60 days from date of completed invoice. We do not provide any warranty if old parts (tubes, capacitors, etc.) are returned and reused in repaired equipment. We do not offer any warranty for labor and parts when parts are supplied by customer. We do not install “mod kits” supplied by third parties. We are not obligated to return defective parts. This includes defective vacuum tubes, components, transformers, reverb tanks, and speakers. If you require a part to be returned, please indicate before work begins. Please be advised that returned parts may add to shipping charges, and we will notify you to collect any additional charges before any item is shipped.

All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. For Continental US orders we ship UPS or USPS, insured. International orders are shipped either UPS or USPS Priority International, insured. All liability for shipments to Granger Amplification LLC are the responsibility of the shipper. Please insure your shipments for whatever you determine your item’s replacement cost to be.

Current turnaround times

For stock amp orders: 12 weeks from date of first cleared deposit or payment.

For custom amp orders: 18 weeks.

For basic repairs & modifications: 7-10 business days (special order parts may extend this time).

Note: Special options, custom orders, parts availability, supplier mistakes, and peak demand times may extend these times. Our turnaround times are not a guarantee of when the order will ship or be ready for pickup. If you have a deadline, be sure to ask about our expedited/rush service.

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