Ordering a Granger Amplifier

Granger Amplification features online ordering for your convenience. Each amplifier product page has an Add to Cart button. Checkout and payment is processed securely using industry leader Stripe for credit card payments, with 256-bit encryption. Any transaction from our site is secured via 256-bit SSL encryption.

You can also make a deposit to initiate your order. The remaining balance and shipping will be due when the amp is completed and ready to ship. Please call (205) 774-0350 to discuss payment methods.

If you have questions or additional instructions after your purchase, please contact us.

Other Payment Methods

You can also telephone, fax, or mail your order.

 – To order by phone, call (205) 774-0350.
 – To fax your order, use our order form. Print out the form and complete it. Fax it to (205) 774-0351.
After receiving fax we will contact you to confirm.

We also accept cashier checks and money orders. Please make payable to Curt Granger, and mail payment, along with completed order form to:

Granger Amplification
132 Pinecrest Rd
Hueytown AL 35023-1321

Please note there will be a 5 business day waiting period for checks to clear. Please contact us in advance when mailing payments.


Purchaser & User Agreement


All Granger amps are built one at a time to order. On average, it takes 10 weeks to build, test, burn-in, and ship stock amplifiers. Special options, custom orders (including any add-ons other than stock options), parts availability, supplier mistakes, holiday/holiday seasons, vacation, and peak demand times may extend this time. Our turnaround time is not a guarantee of when the amp will ship. When you complete payment to us you are entering a binding contract to have the amp constructed and shipped. All sales are final. We offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship and most components to the original owner (see warranty terms here).

  • This is an electronic device containing high voltages – it can kill you – seriously.
  • Do not go inside the amp unless you are qualified to do so – lethal voltages are present and you or someone with you could be seriously injured or killed.
  • Unauthorized modifications, either by qualified technicians or non-qualified users, will void the warranty. In doing so, user assumes all risks. Please contact Granger Amplification before making any modifications.
  • Do not expose the unit to moisture or damp conditions.
  • Do not operate the unit if you have been or expect to be near water in any form.
  • Do not place any foreign objects near, on, or around the amplifier. This includes open beverages, food, or anything else that could enter the amplifier and cause damage.
  • All Granger amps feature a true Earth ground pin – do not remove, lift, or bypass this connection in any way – be sure you are plugging into an outlet with the ground pin connected to true Earth. Failure to do so will place the operator at risk of serious injury or death, and void warranty.
  • The rear side of the amp (near the tubes) will be emitting heat when operating – avoid this area. Do not place any combustible objects near the heat.
  • Do not touch the tubes (which can get very hot, +200 degrees F.) while the amp is on – you can or will get burned.
  • Do not operate near small children, whether they are being supervised or not. Accidents can happen.
  • Always wear adequate hearing protection, or limit your exposure. High sound pressure levels can damage your hearing during extended periods of use.
  • By purchasing this product you are agreeing that you have read, understand and will follow these and all reasonable product safety steps, and any misuse of the product both voids the warranty, and releases Granger Amplification from any liability that may result from misuse.
  • If you ever have a concern or problem after purchase, contact Granger Amplification for a review of the amp, or refer to a qualified service technician – DO NOT GO INSIDE.
  • Each amplifier may be custom built per order, and therefore the stated turnaround time is only an estimate. Special options, add-ons, parts availability, supplier mistakes, holiday/holiday seasons, vacation, and peak demand times may extend this time. When you complete payment you are entering a binding contract to have the amp constructed and shipped.

The order process is initiated upon completion of payment. Once payment has been made it is understood that you have read and abide by these policies. Thank you for reading. Your safety is our top concern when using our products.

Other Policies

Please refer to our new Policies page for more information regarding warranty and non-warranty service, shipping, and other general policies.

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