What Our Customers Say

Here is some of the feedback we’ve received. It’s nice to be appreciated!

“Hey Curt, Dude, I love my Granger M45 Classic and 4X12 cabinet! I played it for over an hour until my wife yelled at me. ;>) It sounds like a dream. Sounds great with my Les Paul and totally awesome with my Fender Strat Plus. It nails David Gilmour’s tone when I use my Strat to play ‘Shine On Crazy Diamond.’ Tomorrow, I’m going to try out the effects loop. Also, I was nervous about the cane grill cloth and not sure what it would look like. But, I’m so glad I asked for it because the cane contrasts nicely with the black tolex. I’m very proud of this amp. Thanks for your good work and I’ll definitely tell others about your amps.”
Stuart Bice, Glen Allen, VA

“Curt, just wanted to touch base and let you know how happy I am with the restoration you did on my ’61 Fender Showman. A righteous big, bold clean tone was what I was after and you DELIVERED IN SPADES! You brought the old girl back to life. Every place I’ve played the response has been unanimous. Nothing but compliments -especially on the vibrato circuit. Thanks for your professionalism regarding the direction of the restoration. You restored this piece of music history and kept her original (except for the PPIV master – removable and reversible – LOVE IT!) with the idea of collect ability and resale foremost in mind. Being as how this amp is also a family heirloom, I’d also like to thank you for tolerating the concerns about my Father’s amp so soon after his passing. I know I may have sounded at times like a complete basket case but you listened and provided wisdom on the direction the restoration should go. I can never thank you enough.You’re a straight up businessman who’s main concern is obviously what is best for the customer, the working musician. I’ll be sure to recommend your company, products and services in the future. I have ZERO complaints.”
Jake Strickland, Marietta, GA

“Well I just I wanted to take a minute to tell you that this GNR-10036 amp is just the ultimate rock amp for me. It’s an absolute tone machine I can go anywhere from GNR to all heavy rock ever made and a wicked tone for overdriven blues! The sensitivity is just phenomenal I only have good things to say about this amp and it looks really good. I’m happy there’s still a few amp builders like you left! The additional channel is also really cool I put it with the MXR 10 EQ and what a blast! The additional gain from the pedal is just great. Thank you for building this for me.”
Sebastien Lacasse, Chestermere, Alberta Canada

“I received the M50 Plexi safe and sound today. Right now all I can say is HOLY S***! I gotta tell you, I’ve had other Plexi replicas but never one that sounded this good! I gotta tell you I use a lot of effects, both gain and time based, but I’ve been playing for the last hour plugged straight in through a 2×12 slant cab with Warehouse Green Berets. I just copied settings you had on one of your video clips and I am stunned at how good it sounds! Plenty of gain, harmonics, and it even cleans up rolling a little off the guitar! One thing in particular is the midrange. I don’t know how you did it so when the mids are cranked you don’t just get that upper mid woof that takes over the tone, but instead you just get more BITE! To say I am pleased is an understatement! Thank you for building a great Plexi!”
Jim Dimmeno, Rensselaer, NY

“Thanks so much for the magic you worked. I thought what i was looking for was unobtainable. This was a 30 year search for me and thousands of dollars. I’m just using your M50 Plexi modded and an OCD and I can go from 70’s rock to the most amazing classic metal tone I could ever imagine. Your amp is the ultimate platform. I don’t even need effects anymore, you cant improve perfection!”
Tim, Eugene, OR

“The Monterey 45/100 sounds amazing. That amp sounds better than any of the clips of original JTM’s that I have ever heard. The sound, feel and look of it are spot on. I smile every time I flip the power switch and do a visual check on the heaters when I see those fat KT66s under the vent.”
Chris Mondy, St. Louis, MO

“Hi Curt, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my M502 Solo Plexi. This is my 3rd Granger. The other 2 were fantastic, but this one is by far, one of the best sounding amps I have ever heard. You build the best amps out there. Keep up the great work. Your friend, John.”
John Seyring, Hobart, IN

“Hey Curt, I just wanted to say you build a hellva amp! Built like a tank, and sounds great. Thanks!”
Ed Mazgay, Columbus, OH

“I can’t tell you how much I love the amp! She’s quite versatile and sounds great with the 2 x 15 VOX speaker cab. Right now I have my Rickenbacker using the Rot-O-Sound split between the Granger GR100 and my Ampeg with the 6 x 10 cab. You talk about badass! It sounds awesome! Thanks again for the care and attention you put into building this bass amp.”
Russ Guyton, Hoover AL

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new Princeton Reverb Custom 30 amplifier. I played it at church on Sunday and received a plethora of compliments. I can’t believe how versatile the amp is. Humbuckers and single coils sound equally awesome which is something I have never really found, even in other high end amps. Great product! Thank you so much for building the PRC30 for me.”
Mitchell Bain, Birmingham AL

“Curt and his team just rebuilt my Fender Reissue Deluxe Reverb Amp to Pre-CBS specs (1964). Away with the horrible Mexican-built, computer-built circuit board, and enter true to spec, hand made eyelet boards and resistors, etc. The tone is incredible and the dynamics are what I remember when I first heard this amp in the 70’s. THANKS CURT for the great work and fair price!”
Kirk, Baltimore MD

“(1st email) Curt, I just wanted to say thank you. My amp is a “60th Anniversary” edition. The tubes were all original, as was the speaker, a Fender Special Design/Eminence. I started out slow with the mod installation so I could actually hear what was changing. I replaced with stock GT (Sovtek) tubes with the JJs. There was a definite improvement. I re-biased the 6L6s to 70mV. WOW, what a difference! I installed the WGS ET65. Better still! I love Celestion V30s but I think this speaker is perfect for this amp. I snipped the reverb bypass resistor and the reverb became very nice and usable. Then last Friday night I took it to a gig. I was knocked out by the tone. So were my band mates, who were wondering if it was the same amp. Next, I’m on to the other mods (starting with the PS filter cap). (2nd email) I installed the clarity mods, the PS filter mod, the new drive master pot, and the improved gain jumper. The most impressive change was the PS cap. WOW, it really tamed the bass beast! The clarity mods did just that – improved the clarity of both channels. I love the sound of the clean channel now! I find the drive channel is much more usable after installing your mods, better control of the levels. In summary, your mods do EXACTLY what you say they will do. The documentation is clear and concise. After installing these mods, this amp kicks major butt! I love it! Thanks again for taking the time and effort to put this mod package together and make it available.”
Ron, Tallahassee FL

“Hi Curt, Just wanted to say a big thank you as I did mods on my HRD and when I jammed with the boys last night they immediately noticed how clean and clear my amp sounded. I’m finally excited about my tone 25 years later. Just beginning to experiment and now that my base tone is great I’m sure it will just get better. I’m ordering some JJ’s (have one in V1) and then this amp will be a monster. Hard to believe Fender would let these things out with such horrible farty bass and muddy tone. Once again thank you and I’ll let everyone know that Granger is awesome! Mods were easy and instructions were bang on and detailed! Thx Rob”
Rob, Lyndon WA

“Hi Curt, the M45 arrived in perfect condition. Looks great and feels solid. Raw, fat, open, cutting, explosive, in your face tone. Nowhere to hide there. My first thoughts were of Hendrix and Blackmore. My open back cab said “Please stop, used the closed cab, man!” Nice and gradual master volume level increase. Dig that KT66 + tube rectified tone, old school and lively for sure. Thanks for the great work!”
Paul Lafemina, Hillsboro, OR

“Hi Curt, I just had some friends over, and after hearing my amp they said, “Curt has taken the Superlead circut and perfected it.” Back in the day, maybe 1 out of a 100 Marshalls would be perfect, and you have improved on that one. They are both sold, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they both purchase one soon. I’m even more excited about my amp than before. My old guitarist has a better ear than I do, and it takes a lot to impress him! I couldn’t be happier, and do feel like I have the best amp ever.”
Dwayne Mullet, Stockbridge, MI

“Wow… Curt, I finally got the chance to use the M100 SuperPlexi last night in rehearsal. It was incredible. The pure Super Lead type sound I’ve wanted in a completely controllable format. Simple, pure, TONE. My singer’s first comment was “where’s your Marshall?” Then “Wow! That amp sounds 10x better!” He was as blown away as I was. I was able to get all the saturation and tone that I love with my Gibson R8, dial it back on my guitar’s volume for a nice, bluesly clean tone, and then add a little overdrive pedal to the front end when I needed a touch more sustain for some solos. I will DEFINITELY be sending my Marshall Super Lead to you for the PPIV Master volume mod in the next few weeks. Thanks again for a great quality, and great SOUNDING instrument.”
John Roderick, Windsor, CT

“Got my H50 amp last night. I plugged it in and set it on what I think are pretty conservative settings and wow, this thing is awesome! I have a lot of amps and this is what I’ll be using at all the gigs this year. This thing rocks. It’s the sound I’ve been chasing for years. Thank you Curt, I am deeply appreciative. By the way, the custom snakeskin is awesome too.”
Steve Aldrich, Amelia, VA

“Hey Curt – Just wanted to say that after 6-months, I still love the 50-watt VH amp (M50 Plexi). In fact, I had a friend over today to check it out. He said its the closest thing to VH that he’d ever heard. Running through a Aracom Attenuator with an EQ at boosted mids, and this thing is absolutely the real deal. Just love it! Good luck with the new models!”
Jim DeYoung, Plainville, MI

“Hey Curt, just wanted to let you know that I had the first real opportunity last night to give the amp “a good go” and it is a beautiful piece of work. Not only does it look like a million bucks but it is probably the finest sounding guitar amplifier I have ever played through and I’ve been playing for about 30 years. I was smiling from ear to ear as I turned knobs and put it through its paces. It didn’t matter what configuration I put it in or whether I plugged straight in or used effects pedals, it produced the sweetest, warmest, most full bodied tone I have ever experienced with a guitar amp. I couldn’t be happier with the MV36 Monarch. It really is a work of art. Kudos to you, sir for a job well done.”
Derek Reece, Jonesville, NC

“Curt, just wanted to follow up and let you know the M50 arrived safely. I have put it through its paces and I am sporting a big smile as the tones are amazing. Tried my Strat and ES-359 and they both sing through it. Although the Van Halen ACDC stuff came easy without effects I have a awesome early Trower tone going with a Fulltone Univibe. I am impressed with the responsiveness of the amp and how amazingly articulate it is even with it dimed, just they way a amp should be. Whatever combination of specs you selected for this amp do not change a thing, it is perfect!Another thing I noticed is this amp is very sensitive to pedals, I have a large chain and I had to tone everything down a bit as it is so expressive. Even my 69 100 watt Metro build is not that sensitive, this is a good thing.”
Rick Melbihess, Kennewick WA

“Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the outstanding job that you did rebuilding my 69 Supertreme. I must say that it was a pleasure working with you and I could not be happier with the end result. I was really impressed with the communication and the quick turn around!!! I really wanted to tackle the project myself, however with a baby on the way my time is limited and after seeing and hearing your work first hand I knew that my amp was in good hands. Again thank you for a job well done and I will definitively let my friends know about your awesome services and your killer hand-built amps. Rock on bro!”
Kelley Wright, Mobile AL

“Hey Curt. Hope everything is well. I’ve got EL34B’s and RFT pre’s in this M50 Plexi and it gets better every time I play it. I have 4 Plexi style amps, including an Emplexador and a Bray and there’s something about this Granger that is hard to describe, but it’s the first one I plug into. I hardly play the other ones. It has that Plexi gold midrange thing when I wind it up that I can’t get with the other ones.”
Rich Irwin, Stephenson VA

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note. The Ashdown amp is working perfectly now! Thank you SO MUCH for tracking down the problem and fixing it. I also love the tone of the JJ tubes. You are awesome!”
Les Bain, Birmingham AL

“Thanks for the awesome job on my 5150 Curt! It sounds great and looks awesome! The blue LEDs look fantastic in the amp. You rock!”
Scott Kelly, Scottsboro AL

“Hey man… just hooked up the Fender VibroChamp amp… unbelievable! The vibe pedal works great. I’m having too much fun with it at the moment. Thanks!”
Kent, Hoover AL

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