Fan Kit

Stay Cool, Play Cool: The Ultimate Fan Kit for Your Amp

Effortless Installation: Plug, Play, and Cool Down

  • This Fan Kit is a game-changer for amplifier enthusiasts and DIY audio lovers. With a compact and easy-to-follow setup, it transforms your amp’s cooling system without requiring technical expertise. Inside the box, you find everything you need: an 80mm x 80mm brushless fan, a sturdy metal fan guard, and a small yet powerful PCB assembly equipped with a 3-way mini-toggle switch for LOW-OFF-HIGH operations. The best part? It connects directly to your 6.3V tube filament supply, making installation a breeze.

Quiet Operation: Enjoy the Sound of Silence

  • Say goodbye to the annoying hum of standard cooling solutions. Our brushless fan operates so quietly that you’ll forget it’s even there, allowing you to focus solely on the music. Whether you’re laying down tracks in the studio or practicing at home, this fan ensures your amp stays cool without adding unwanted noise to your audio environment.

Extended Lifespan: Protecting Your Investment

  • Amplifiers, particularly tube amps, are susceptible to heat damage over prolonged periods of use. Integrating a cooling fan not only prevents overheating but also prolongs the life of your equipment. By maintaining optimal operating temperatures, you protect your investment and ensure consistent performance session after session. With this Fan Kit, your amp remains in peak condition, safeguarding your sound and your wallet.


DISCLAIMER: User assumes all risks. Performing these modifications will most likely void the warranty on your amplifier. Working on amps can be deadly if you do not take proper precautions. Read and follow the diagram or instructions very carefully. Basic soldering skills and basic user-supplied tools are required. If you are at all unsure of your ability to perform these modifications STOP and take your amp to a professional to be modified. You can also send your amp to us for modification. Contact us for pricing.
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE [Follow safety guidelines for working with electricity. Basic soldering skills and knowledge of working with AC/DC circuits. Identify all terminals of electronic components using data sheets. Read resistor color codes and capacitor values. Measure and connect high and low voltage AC and DC. Understand basic working of vacuum tubes. Use all functions of a multimeter. Understand Ohms law and apply to basic circuits. Work with basic hand and power tools.]


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Amp Cooling Made Easy: Fan Kit

Elevate Your Amp’s Performance with Our Cooling Fan Kit – Easy Install! Discover how our Fan Kit can help maintain your amplifier’s cooling without the hassle. With a quiet brushless fan, easy installation, and protection from overheating, give your amp the care it deserves and focus on what truly matters – your music.

Easily add a cooling fan to your amp. Our Fan Kit features an 80mm x 80mm brushless fan for quiet operation, a metal fan guard, and a very small PCB assembly that contains a 3-way mini-toggle switch (LOW-OFF-HIGH), and is very easy to install. Powers from the 6.3V tube filament supply. Wiring and installation instructions (download link in order email) are included.

1 review for Fan Kit

  1. Chad Cox (verified owner)

    This kit is great. Takes the guesswork out of it. I’ve done so much trial and error, I’ve got a small box full of wasted fans, parts, etc. Then I found this kit. It’s perfect. It’s huge problem solver. Save yourself a ton of trouble and money – just get this kit. It’s a game changer. Thank You!

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