JMP/2203/2204 ST1 Circuit Board – Green

Our green ST1 printed circuit board was originally created to replace damaged or non-repairable ST1 boards. It has all the same component placements, traces, and mounting hole locations of the original. Most importantly, it is double-sided with though-hole plating (unlike the original, which was single-sided with thin copper). It can also be dual-purposed to use in any JMP/JCM/2203/2204 style amp build. It has extra component holes/pads for either box style or axial capacitors in the coupling caps placement positions, and has turret-sized holes on the supply/rectifier end for soldering in turrets as convenient voltage tap wiring, and for other wiring points (choke, screen supply, etc.)

Top side has component location (outlined) silkscreening. To facilitate multiple wiring/value options, component values are not printed. A perfect replacement board for vintage Marshall, Marshall-style amp, or any JMP/JCM800 style amp.

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