Plexi Amp Wiring Kit

New lower price AND more wire! Granger Amplification’s Plexi Amp Wiring Kit is specifically designed for wiring any Plexi/British type amp, including the JTM45, JMP50, JMP100, 2204, or similar. It includes 9 colors (red, black, green, white, brown, yellow, blue, orange, and purple) of premium 22 gauge pre-tinned topcoated PVC covered, 1000V wire, and 1.5 feet each of 18Ga and 22ga bare buss wire. (8 feet each of Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and White) (12 feet of Red and Black – extra for wiring filaments) 22 AWG UL Style 1032 VW-1 105°C 600 Volts/90°C 1000 Volts CSA TEW OR AWM I A/B 83 feet total – Plenty of wire, even if you make mistakes and need extra. There is actually enough to wire 2 amps if you measure and cut conservatively!

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