Radial Capacitor Board


This is our radial capacitor PCB for radial capacitors, which are typically used for power supply filtering in tube amps (guitar or HiFi). It allows one or two radial caps (snapmount or through hole) up to 35mm (1.375 in.) in diameter to be mounted, which can be used independently or together in series with a jumper, as well as two voltage balance (series) or bleed (independent) resistors from 1-3 watts (some small 5W will fit as well). It also has convenient hole terminals for 3 connections to each capacitor terminal (a total of 12). The board color is purple, white silkscreen, with through-hole plating.

Mounting holes allow up to 6-32 size screws and/or standoffs.
Board dimensions: 2 in. x 3 in.
Cap lead spacing: 0.4 in.
Capacitors shown in photo not included.

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