SBE 716P High Performance Orange Drop Capacitors – 600 Volts

Elevate Your Electronics with SBE 716P Capacitors

Unmatched Quality for High Pulse Projects

The SBE 716P High Performance Orange Drop Capacitors are not just any capacitors; they are a significant upgrade over the standard 715P series, designed with your demanding electrical projects in mind. These capacitors are crafted from polypropylene film and foil, featuring pure copper leads that ensure a reliable and consistent connection. This advanced construction makes them perfectly suited for applications requiring a high pulse current, providing the stability your projects need.

  • Made with polypropylene film and foil for durability.
  • Pure copper leads for reliable connections.
  • Ideal for high pulse current applications.

Designed for Excellence

When it comes to performance, the SBE 716P capacitors stand out with their exceptional capacity for handling high currents and pulses. The use of polypropylene not only adds to their robustness but also minimizes energy loss, thanks to its low dissipation factor and dielectric absorption. These capacitors exhibit unparalleled capacitance stability, a feature that is critically important for high-performance electronics. With leads directly connected to the extended foil electrode, they guarantee efficiency and reliability in any setup.

  • Polypropylene film minimizes energy loss.
  • Excellent capacitance stability for reliable performance.
  • Ideal for high-current, high-pulse applications.

Specification Spotlight

Understanding the specifications of these capacitors can help you appreciate their suitability for your projects. The SBE 716P series is rated for 600 volts, making them a formidable choice for high voltage applications. They are designed to operate at temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius, with a ± 5% tolerance, ensuring that they perform well under various conditions. Moreover, the capacitors feature straight radial leads with a minimum length of 1.25 inches, providing ample room for connections without complications.

  • Rated for 600 volts, suitable for high voltage applications.
  • Operates at up to 85 degrees Celsius with ± 5% tolerance.
  • Straight radial leads, minimum 1.25″ length, for easy installation.

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SBE 716P High Performance Orange Drop Capacitors – 600 Volts

SBE 716P High Performance Capacitors – Upgrade to 600 Volts Today. Discover the SBE 716P High Performance Orange Drop Capacitors, designed for high pulse projects. With polypropylene film, copper leads, and a 600V rating, these capacitors elevate your electronics to new heights. Perfect for professionals seeking reliability and consistency.


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