Ultimate FX Loop Faceplate

Custom-Fit FX Loop Faceplates: Ultimate FX Loop Faceplate, Black or Gold

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New, lower price! We now offer four different versions of faceplates for our Ultimate FX Loop. Black or Gold. The black plates are now 0.8 mm FR-4. The gold plates are now 1/16″ acrylic.

The standard orientation is for mounting the UFX Loop board component side up (with the chassis bottom facing up to service amp). The alternate orientation is for mounting the UFX Loop board component side down. The plates fit over the two jacks and bypass switch, and are held in places once the two jack nuts are secured.

The product photo shows the plates as the amp would be in the standard, playable, upright position. Please keep in mind the orientation of your chassis in the normal, playable position. Many Marshall chassis are secured to the bottom of a head cabinet. Many Fender chassis are secured to the top of the head cabinet or combo cabinet. Please verify the orientation of your chassis and how you plan to install our loop board before ordering.

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Ultimate FX Loop Faceplate: Elevate Your Sound Experience

Choose Your Style: Black or Gold

Enhance the look and feel of your guitar amp with our Ultimate FX Loop Faceplate. Now available in two striking finishes: sleek black and elegant gold. Whether you’re looking to achieve a classic style or add a touch of luxury to your setup, we have the perfect option for you. Our black faceplates are crafted from durable 0.8 mm FR-4, promising longevity and resilience. For those who desire a bit of sparkle, our gold faceplates are made from 1/16″ acrylic, providing a premium look without compromising durability.

Perfect Fit for Your Amp

Worry no more about compatibility or installation hassles. Our faceplates are designed to seamlessly fit over the two jacks and the bypass switch of your Ultimate FX Loop, ensuring a perfect match for your amp. Installation is a breeze – simply secure the plates in place once the two jack nuts are tightened. Versatile mounting options are available whether you prefer the standard orientation with the UFX Loop board component side up or an alternate setup with the component side facing down. Our design accommodates various amp configurations including many Marshall and Fender models, ensuring a flawless integration no matter the type of your gear.

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every musician’s setup is unique. That’s why we offer customizable orientations tailored to the specific requirements of your amp’s chassis. Before making a selection, consider the orientation of your chassis in its standard, playable position, especially if you own Marshall or Fender brands, to ensure optimal compatibility and ease of access. This thoughtful consideration guarantees that your Ultimate FX Loop and faceplate enhance not only the aesthetics but also the functionality of your music-making sessions.


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